Inspiring Botanical Drinks, Mixers, and Elixirs for a Healthier Summer

Healthy beverages for Littles and Adults from the Garden and Hedgerow | taught by Chris Dalziel

Course description

Use the herbs and fruit from your garden and the wild places around your home to craft unique and tasty drinks, syrups, and shrubs.  Break the pop and sweet tea habit with these healthier options.

Students in this class learn:

  • How to kick the soda habit
  • Herbal tea making basics
  • Herbal coffee drinks
  • Herbal infusions as the basis for creative beverages
  • Healthy, sugar-free vitamin water formulas
  • How to use fresh or dried stevia and skip the bitter aftertaste
  • Master recipes for crafting beverage syrups, drink mixers, and cordials
  • How to use juice in beverages
  • How to craft thirst-quenching summer ices and ice pops that are tasty AND healthy
  • How to make shrubs and switchels for thirst quenching electrolytes
  • How to make elixirs and liqueurs for cocktail mixes and gifts
  • How to craft herbal bitters for drink mixers and to improve digestion

Also included in the course:

  • Recipes for creating sodas, syrups, liqueurs, elixirs, and bitters from the garden and the hedgerow
  • Recipes include syrups that can be used in Italian sodas, coffee syrups, and specialty drinks; 
  • Liqueur recipes like limoncello, cream de cacao, and other traditional liqueurs that can be made at home and given as gifts.
  • Recipes for cocktail and mocktail mixers are also given.

Students in this class will gain the skills and confidence to turn garden produce, herbs, and fruit into tasty and healthy beverages for very little cost, as well as how to preserve the summer goodness so these healthy drinks can be enjoyed year-round.

Chris Dalziel
Chris Dalziel

I empower DIYers to garden, cook, and create with herbs and other natural materials, so that they can confidently help their families be healthy, and use natural remedies safely and effectively.

Come DIY with me!

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