DIY Herbal First Aid Kit

The herbal remedies you need to pack before you leave home | taught by Chris Dalziel

Course description

Learn to make the herbal remedies you need before you leave home.    Each DIY remedy is paired with an essential herbal medicine making skill so that you'll master technique while you build your herbal first aid kit.    

There are 10 DIY herbal remedies plus 10 essential herbal medicine making techniques to prepare you to solve moderate health issues that might come up on a trip away from home.  

All of these remedies fit nicely in a vehicle first aid kit, a camp first aid box, and can also make it through most airport security without a problem. 

Students will learn essential herbal medicine making skills by making:

A salve
A tea
A poultice
An essential oil roll on
An herbal candy
An herbal infusion
An herbal styptic 

Students will also learn:

How to identify mint family plants
How to safely harvest herbs in the wild
How tannins in herbs can help heal the body
How to best use herbal nervines
How to safely dilute essential oils

Don't leave home without these essential herbal remedies.

What students are saying:

"I think this is a great travel first aid kit to have on hand. " -- Debbie S.

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Chris Dalziel
Chris Dalziel

I empower DIYers to garden, cook, and create with herbs and other natural materials, so that they can confidently help their families be healthy, and use natural remedies safely and effectively.

Come DIY with me!

Course Curriculum

Creating an Herbal First Aid Kit with 10 Must Take Herbal Remedies for Travel and Camping
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Reviews (30)

by Celine Seguin
It was a very good course. Thank you very much.

Spot on

by Nicole Olson
Great information, wish there was a download for the tea pages though.


by Samantha Barker
The course was very informative and easy to understand. It would have been helpful to have the estimated shelf live for all of the recipes.
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by Celine Seguin
It was a very good course. Thank you very much.

Spot on

by Nicole Olson
Great information, wish there was a download for the tea pages though.


by Samantha Barker
The course was very informative and easy to understand. It would have been helpful to have the estimated shelf live for all of the recipes.

Great Course for Beginners

by Suzan Higgins
This was a great course...hands-on activities/recipes with practical learning. Easy to understand and for the most part, working with easily obtained materials.

by Stephanie Tetrick

Great course

by Agnieszka Bulwin
The course talks about all the remedies that are must-haves for anybody who wants to use natural remedies to treat little emergencies. And in the house with little kids emergencies are something to be expected. So it’s better to be prepared than sorry:)

DIY Herbal First Aid

by charlotte creighton
Loved the course. I have many things that I make and take along with me but I cant wait to get started on making those you suggested to add to my First Aid Kits. Thanks for the great idea and recipes.

Excellent for Beginners

by Fran Gourdet
You'll have your herbal first aid kit in short time. The steps are complete and the instructions are thorough. A good base for moving forward in your herbal remedies journey.

Great title to grab attention. I had not thought of portable herbal first aid for the road!

by Gail Slade
The course is concise with enough information to provide new insight on herbs, instructions on preparations and use as well as necessary safety warnings. Starting with the simplest gives motivation to continue on to the more complex. For me it was a chance to focus on exactly what I needed for me and my husband if we got stranded on a road trip. We have a “go” bag but a conventional first aid kit which has the standard dressing material and equipment but no natural remedies. I am just adding these to replace what is there. Nice red emergency bag with conversion! Thank you for making this available in the bundle!

Great Course!

by Amber Wallace
I am familiar with essential oils being a massage therapist, but wanting to know more about the usage of plants has always been a goal. This course was great for me. I am so glad I took it. I wish all the screens were downloadable as written because they had great pictures and some info that wasn't on the pages I downloaded, or weren't downloadable at all. For printing purposes I loved the way the pages I downloaded were done.

Great Info

by Patti Later
Thanks so much for the time and effort that it took to put this together. I gained load of great info and great ideas for storing in small quantities to travel with.

by Kathleen Birkett

Invaluable information!

by Suzanne Allen
Nothing like experience to be be the best teacher and being new to this, it was truly fantastic to have access to this course! It’s so truly appreciated. I definitely recommend!

Great title.

by Stephanie Shafer
I loved your DIY Herbal First Aid Travel Kit course. The information is very useful and the course was well done.

DIY Herbal First Aid Travel Kit review

by Lesley Bourassa
What an amazing course. I truly appreciate how you put this course together. From giving a little history about the plants being used, to explaining recipes and how to use them all correctly. I'm so excited to start making these salves and teas, as I have the plants growing in my backyard. I look forward to taking your DIY Herbal Apothecary Course next. Thank you!! Cheers, Lesley

by nadine Luke

DIY Herbal First Aid Travel Kit

by Sheila Phillippe
This course has a lot of great information in it. We are planning a weekend trip and I am going to make a couple of the recipes to take with us. I like this course.

by Arlene Larrier


by Kelly Correia
Thank you so much for this course it was absolutely awesome very informative and the added info with the downloadable documents are great was easy to follow along as well. Great job !! Much appreciated.


by Deb Agin
This is a great beginners course to get you on your way! Chris does a wonderful job explaining herbal uses and especially how to make infused oils and salves. Well worth it.

Great Information

by Danele Williams-Taylor
This course is very helpful. I will use what I've learned into practice especially now I will be doing a lot of traveling.

DIY Herbal First Aid Travel Kit

by Jacquie Rhoades
I found this to be a very insightful and helpful course. Having all these remedies on hand is sure to be a very handy thing! The recipes are easy to follow and all are very practical. Thank you so much for this course!

by Toni Young

Loved it

by Tracie Strong

This was a very fun and efficient way to learn to make home remedies.

I appreciated getting the information needed without mountains of extraneous, unneeded, and distracting information to get to the real, valuable projects. The DIY Herbal First Aid Kit projects were all valuable, very helpful and very fun. Thank you!

The title is perfect

by Jennifer Lalonde
I enjoyed the mini course! I found it to be informative and I can't wait to try out some recipes! On a side note you have an error in a caution to pregnant women were it actually says to use it often even tho it stimulates the uterus. Thank You!

It says what it is :)

by Julia Winkler
This was a really helpful course. Perfect for my level of herbal knowledge. I learned a lot and am excited to make the remedies. Thank you so much for your generosity!

DIY Herbal First Aid Travel Kit

by Carolyn Smith-Kizer
I had not thought to include swimmer's ear oil--thank you. Nicely presented pdfs of recipes and techniques.

Helpful Information!

by Linda Bittle
This course will allow me to make a simple first aid kit that is compact and easy to carry. It will be something that I always carry in my backpack. Thank you!

This is AMAZING!!!!

by heather harris
Very well put together, and easy to follow along and learn. I enjoyed how easy it is to put things together and get ready for our next Sukkot camping trip!