Make Herbs Fun Again Summer Camp

Putting the Fun Back Into Herbalism | taught by Chris Dalziel

Course description

Make Herbs Fun Again!

The Make Herbs Fun Again Camp Experience is an ecourse for DIYers, herbalists, gardeners, and those who love learning about herbs and getting their hands dirty. 

It’s for those who would rather go for a walk than study the encyclopedia. 

 It’s for those who WANT to have time for herbs but got distracted along the way.  

It’s for those who want to connect in a community with others who are making time for herbs.  

And it’s for those who are serious herb students who need to reconnect with the playful child that made daisy wreaths and sucked honey from clover petals many years ago. 

How does the Make Herbs Fun Again Camp work?

Herb camp is a 30 day challenge that you can complete without leaving home.  Each day you will receive a Mission.  The mission will take anywhere from 5 minutes to 15 minutes to complete.  

Over the course of the 30 day challenge you will:

  • Identify 15 local medicinal or culinary herbs
  • Create an herb journal
  • Make 3 infused oils
  • Make 2 herbal tinctures
  • Make 10 herbal remedies
  • Make 2 home comforts
  • Get to know one herb intimately
  • Learn to identify and recognize 2 different plant families
  • Discover a system to easily organize your growing herbal apothecary

And you’ll accomplish all this by devoting just 5 to 15 minutes a day to an herbal adventure.  You’ll accomplish it in the margins, without giving up anything in the rest of your busy life.  

You’ll also find out that you DO have time for what matters most.  

Plus you’ll discover herbs can be fun again.

Be part of the herb camp adventure!

  • Camp time is fun.  Just ask the kids.  You get to be with friends who are interested in the same stuff you are.
  • You get to come away from the every day and find a little quiet spot to be yourself and get immersed in nature.
  • You get to do fun things that you don’t have time for at home like hiking, archery, campfires, hot chocolate, and s’mores. (Archery did you say?  Well, this is a virtual program.  Anything is possible!)
  • Herb camp is like summer camp but even better because there’s no mosquitoes.

Here’s what the Campers are saying about Herb Camp:

Chris, I just wanted you to know that this has been so helpful. I have always been the “well let me read just a bit more on that first” type of person. Since starting this 30 days, I have made at least one item a day even if it isn’t what you have posted. I have done more actual working with the herbs in the last 2 weeks, bringing me a new confidence with them. I am currently on lesson 3 in Rosemary Gladstar’s course and am extremely grateful for your generosity and sincerity in helping others down this glorious path!! I wanted you to know what an impact you personally have made on my learning journey. I am so blessed to have found you. Thank you! —  Shya C.‎ 


Thank you for opening my “herbal eyes” to the wondrous world around me thus far. Looking forward to it every day and trying my best to complete the challenges. – Sukye C.

I’m enjoying the lessons so much. It’s so fun and I’m not stressing about getting it all done. The daily missions have enlightened me that I can take time and have fun while learning new things. — Debbie S.


You made walking thru open fields fun again…course is great! — Tina C.

Thank you so much for creating such a fun program and such an amazing space to learn and play!Dortha H.

Chris Dalziel
Chris Dalziel

I empower DIYers to garden, cook, and create with herbs and other natural materials, so that they can confidently help their families be healthy, and use natural remedies safely and effectively.

Come DIY with me!